Acrylic & Polycarbonate Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guard is commonly used in F&B industry especially in restaurants, this is to practice good hygiene in preventing pathogens from entering the food that might occur by sneezing. Due to the recent crisis, the sneeze guard also forms very good protection at workplaces like offices, over the counters services; shielding employees and co-workers from direct transmission of any viruses.

Made up of high-quality Acrylic or polycarbonate, sneeze guard offers a clear view while communicating with other parties yet offers protection against foreign fluids.

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Design B

1. Please provide the measurements for length (L) & height (H) for the products. For designs with opening, please provide the length (L) & height (H) of opening.
2. All thickness will be 4mm Arcylic. Unless requested.
3. Note: The maximum length is 2.4m. Please contact us at 62460392 or email if you require a longer length.
4. Please describe on the use of your infection control shields, products’ specifications or all other important matters.

Polycarbonate (Lexan) & Acrylic Screens

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