Globstat Technologies was established in Singapore in 2000 with the aim of providing technical support, marketing and sales of contamination control, ESD control related products and equipment for the electronics, disk drive, biotech industries in Singapore and South East Asia. Currently, we are representing the following companies:
1. Microzone Corporation (Canada)
2. Arlink Worldwide (Canada)
3. Brighten Co. Ltd (Korea)
4. IMG Co. Ltd (Korea)

In Singapore, we have the capabilities to design and build cleanrooms, mini-environments, clean booths, soft wall cleanrooms, laminar flow benches, special size HEPA or ULPA filters etc. We also support our customers by supplying consumables, maintenance of equipment and testing/calibration of equipment. With our comprehensive products and network of associates, we are able to provide local support whenever it is needed.

Our list of customers includes the following major companies:
Seagate Technology International, Hoya Magnetics, Bioprocessing Technology Centre, DSO National Laboratories, NUS, Schering Plough etc.

We are constantly looking to improve our range of products to meet the new exacting demands of our customers. Therefore, we are confident that we will meet your expectations and demands with our products and services.

Globstat Technologies is a leading provider of cleanrooms equipment, mini-environment, clean booths, HEPA and ULPA filters with operation support in Singapore and South-East Asia. We provide Sales, Marketing and Technical Support for contamination control and ESD control related products, equipment for the electronic and disk drives industries.