We have a 6000sq ft facility in Singapore for set up for fabrication of sheet plastic parts.
Our workshop carries specialized machinery suited to handle complex and high volume plastic sheet manufacturing. Material stock sheets include polycarbonates (Lexan, Makrolon), acrylic, PVC. We also carry a large stock of ESD plastics from USA, Korea and Japan.

1) Production technology and equipment

1.1) Panel Saw

Our panel saw is a circular saw that has a cutting range of 1532mm width by 3100mm length. It features an ergonomic and high quality saw that has an exceptionally rigid saw beam and support. This offers precise, accurate cuts with perfect edges. A fully self-balanced saw blade can cut on both x and y axis without moving the material. The powerful motor can cut multiple sheets up to 60mm depth at one go.


1.2) CNC router

With a cutting range of 1220 x 2440 it can handle most plastic sheet sizes. With a powerful spindle and rigid construction, the machine can produce complex profiles and precise parts with repeatability of +/-0.01�. Fully computerised we can input directly from CAD drawings to the machine�s PC to produce parts. The material is secured on cutting surface using a high powered vacuum thus reducing the risk of scratches caused by clamping and handling.


1.3) Cold and hot bending

Our workshop is equipped to do both cold and hot bending of plastics including polycarbonate, PMMA and PVC. Our experienced technicians are capable of bending both ESD and non-ESD plastics of various thickness.


1.4) Adhesion technology

We can glue both normal and ESD acrylic, PVC and polycarbonates using specialised adhesives and techniques. Strong bonds can be made to withstand even high load applications.

1.5) Others

Silkscreen, painting and engraving can be done on the plastic parts for like logos or signage etc.