Cleanroom AirLock Enclosure Systems

Government regulations and manufacturing standards now routinely require contamination control. Ensuring quality, protecting against airborne contaminants and temperature fluctuations, shielding against ultra-violet rays and isolating procedures are all operations which have become and integral part of manufacture in many industries. You can quickly and reliably build a cleanroom of Class 100,000 to Class 10 with the AirLock Enclosure System from Simplex – AirLock can be custom designed for your application.

Cleanroom Softwall Systems

The simplex “AirBlock” system is a clear improvement in cleanroom softwall technology. Because it is versatile, Airblock can be used to create any class of cleanroom from class 100,000 down to class 100.

Industrial Strip Doors and Softwall Enclosures

Simplex patented*, state-of-the-art AIRBLOCK

Door Systems have been custom engineering to provide you:

(1) Faster, easier installations

(2) Significantly less wear and tear

(3) Outstanding sanitation

(4) Dramatic energy savings

(5) Amazing durability

(6) Approval by Fire Marshall