Anti Static Panel

Our plastics sheet products coated with a proprietary static dissipative formula to provide a permanent antistatic surface Our products are used extensively in sensitive electronic, medical, optics and micro manufacturing environments, where ESD control and cleanliness are essential.


The Features

1) Excellent anti-static performance
The surface resistivity of 10E6 – 10E8 ohms/square effectively prevents the build-up static electricity.
2) High resistance to friction damage
The coated layer is harder than the substrate thus reducing the risk of damage to plastic surface.
3) Excellent chemical resistance
The hard-coated surface, reduces the risk of solvent or chemical surface damage, providing durability and weather resistance.
4) Beautiful appearance
High glossiness and transparency achieved by our original manufacturing process.


Main Application Field


Equipment Covers

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing and other Pertinent Equipment Clean Rooms Others
  • Clean benches
  • Clean drafts
  • Cleaners
  • Wafer carrying boxes
  • Part boxes
  • Desiccators
  • Clean storage
  • Cases
  • Covers and partitions
  • Clean ducts


  • Clean tunnels
  • Windows
  • Room Partitions
  • Covers
  • Louvers
  • Galleries

Clean Desiccator

  • Meter covers
  • Machine covers
  • Displays
  • Viewing windows
  • Various casings
  • Part boxes

Electical Properties

Item Unit Brighten Test Method
surface resistance ohms/sq 10E6 – 10E8 ASTM D-257
electro discharge sec 0.1max MIL-B-81705C